Brahin – personal wiki software

This is an experiment to create a web-based wiki software with the focus on speed – you shouldn't need to wait for a big application to load to access your notes. Brahin is built with the progressive enhancement principle in mind: initially the content is loaded as a simple HTML pages, while the core application modules are loaded in the background; additional modules are loaded only when needed.


  • web-based WYSIWYG editor based on Slate

  • linking between pages

  • auto-saving to the server or to the browser's local storage

  • permissions: grant read/write/create/admin rights via access tokens

Getting started

There are two easy ways to try it out – no signup or setup required:

  1. Local/Temporary – go to your local area/_local – anything under this path is stored in the browser's local storage using PouchDB and will never be synced to the server. You can't share this with anyone. Warning: the Clear Offline Website Data or similar feature will remove this data.

  2. Cloud – create pages under /users/yourname – this will be auto-saved to the server, and you can share it with others by clicking Permissions at the bottom of the page.

Keyboard shortcuts

Formatting: ⌘1-6 heading, ⌘B bold, ⌘I italic, ⌘U underline, ⌘H inline code

Lists: ⌘L bullet list, ⌘⇧N numbered list, ⌘K task list

Links: ⌘⇧I insert link, ⌘E edit link URL and label

Limitations & known issues

  • a recent Firefox or Chrome browser is required

  • no conflict resolution – if you edit the same page in multiple windows, the last change will overwrite any changes made in a different window

  • /_local doesn't work in Private Browsing mode in Firefox


To create your own installation:

  • Deploy to Heroku – no technical knowledge required; Heroku's free tier works well, except that there will be a slower page loading time if the app hasn't been used for a while

  • Deploy with Dokku – for techie people

Note: The first user to visit a fresh installation will automatically be given ownership rights; the token will be saved as a cookie. To ensure you don't lose this token click Permissions at the bottom of the main page, copy the link with the own right, and save it somewhere safe, like a password manager.

Source code

The source code is available under the MIT licence:



Please submit bug reports and feature requests using the GitHub issue handler on the most appropriate repository above.

For any other queries or feedback, please send an email to:

Author: Levente Bagi